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Likiliike participates in Christmas parade in Rovaniemi 
Saturday 11th November at 11 AM


Rovaniemi shopping centres and Santa Claus present a Christmas season starter
Jolly programme for the whole family!

The parade runs from Rovaniemi City Hall along Rovakatu street to Lordi’s Square in the city centre (estimated time of arrival 11.20-11.30). The parade is lead by Santa Claus!

Christmas porridge serving – 1 000 free portions
Kindergarten kids sing to Santa Claus

Meet Santa Claus
12.30 Shopping centre Sampokeskus
13.30 Shopping centre Rinteenkulma
14.30 Shopping centre Revontuli

You are welcome for free!

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Likiliike, founded in 2015 to represent the local entrepreneur community, is already very recognizable in Rovaniemi, says the survey conducted by Eveliina Hiltunen and Jutta Kämä as a part of their thesis for the University of Applied Sciences’ Hospitality Management degree. The purpose of the survey was to measure people’s familiarity with Likiliike and its influence in their buying behavior.

84% of the respondents have noticed the Likiliike-sign on the streets of Rovaniemi. The respondents’ level of employment does not affect their familiarity with the sign: across all survey groups from working age respondents to retirees nearly or above 80% had noticed the sign.

The meaning of the sign was also previously familiar to 74% of the respondents. There were no visible differences between genders: 70% or more of both men and women recognized that the sign meant the business was truly local.

The survey also measured other factors affecting the consumer buying behavior. Based on the survey material acquired it can be stated, that the vitality of Rovaniemi, the conservation of its local services, and the locality of the business are important to consumers. However, only 27% of the respondents found it important that the business was a member of Likiliike.

The survey, which took place online and on the streets, had 524 respondents. The thesis was born out of the desire of Likiliike to develop its concept and to find out what people in Rovaniemi thought about Likiliike.

”Our research material shows that Likiliike is a well known brand in Rovaniemi. Over 25% of the respondents already favor businesses with a Likiliike-sign, but the majority doesn’t yet consider it to have an affect on their buying behavior. All in all, Likiliike should be very happy with the work its done, but in the future there is a need for planned, organized work and leadership to ensure that the development remains strong,” says Eveliina Hiltunen.

Likiliike is created and owned by the entrepreneur community, but to the consumer it speaks of a local service. Likiliike is also a people’s movement, which arranges different events and provides content to the people in Rovaniemi. In the future, it will also be a label, which offers products made in Rovaniemi.

The survey took place in May 2017. The intent was to get responses from as comprehensive of a group of people as possible, and to have all demographics be represented. The link to the survey was published on the Likiliike website and on Facebook. The local newspaper Lapin Kansa also notified of the survey in its ads and the survey was shared in social media. The tabloid Iltalehti also advertised the survey in its online pop-up ads. Responses were collected in person at the Rollo-Vappu –event, at the Open House –event at Lapin Kansa, as well as at Revontuli Shopping Center for one day.

ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: Eveliina Hiltunen and Jutta Kämä
Likiliike Project Manager Pasi Hiukka, Ph. 040 717 1988

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Likiliike Of The Year 2017 Awards

The Likiliike Of The Year 2017 winner Sanna Koivuranta has been actively engaged with events at Rovaniemi, as well as online. The awards were given out for the first time at the movement’s yearly meeting on Tuesday, October 10. The movement, which favors local services, already consists of 172 truly local companies, of which five were now awarded. Likiliike also got a new member in Väärti.

Likiliike 2017, or the Likiliikuttaja Of The Year award went to Sanna Koivuranta from the Beauty and Grooming Salon Sanna’s Style. Koivuranta has been actively engaged in Likiliike events such as the yearly Entrepreneur’s Day celebration at the Lordi Square. Koivuranta has also done an exemplary job online by highlighting the Likiliike brand and ideology on, among other places, her own YouTube-channel, where she gives weekly tutorials on makeup and products.

”At Likiliike events I’ve given passersby pampering treatments for small change. I’ve gotten tens of new clients – men, too – who have been encouraged to visit my salon as early as the week following the event, right after we’ve made initial acquaintance,” says Sanna Koivuranta, whose sales and personnel numbers have grown thanks to Likiliike.

The Likiteko (”Liki-action”) Of The Year awards were given to florist Mervi Kontio at Kukkakauppa Helmi and Satu Antinkaapo from bakery Kotileipomo Antinkaapo. The florist and the baker volunteered to bake Christmas goods to the elderly and disabled customers of home service. According to the jury, the act was a small gesture that showed they care. Being a part of the everyday life of the local community and helping those in need is in the spirit of Likiliike. In the future, all members of Likiliike are invited to do good deeds that help the local people.

Petri Teppo

Social Media Person Of The Year, Volunteer Of The Year, and Newcomer Of The Year awards

The Social Media award went to Choco Deli and Jouko Rajanen, whose sweet updates have more than 9,000 Facebook likes and over 1,500 Instagram followers. The Volunteer prize was handed to Petri Teppo from Studio Artica.

”It shows great attitude when a professional photographer is present at every Likiliike event, as a volunteer,” the jury praised.

The Newcomer award was given to the real estate agency Lapin Laatukodit LKV, in whose operations the entire family is involved – as is local tradition. Raija, Hemmo and Milla Lehtisalo are active participants who visibly display that they are members of the Likiliike community.

The awards were handed at the movement’s first ”general meeting” at Wetteri. 70 Likiliike –companies were present. Wetteri Rovaniemi, together with the Pohjolan Osuuspankki bank and Alma Media, is one of the Väärti-companies that support Likiliike. At the meeting, a fourth Väärti company was announced: the bookstore Suomalainen Kirjakauppa.

Heli Helenius

”Suomalainen Kirjakauppa is a part of the Otava enterprise, which is a Finnish family company. Likiliike sits well with the company’s values, one of which is to be close to the customer. I’ve closely followed the branding of Likiliike and have noted that it’s been done with style and skill. Likiliike is known and respected all over town. We want to be a part of it,” says Heli Helenius, the manager of Suomalainen Kirjakauppa.

The host of the night was Brillet entrepreneur Pasi Hiukka, who was elected to continue as Project Manager for Likiliike.

Music school Pop Up Lappi, Likiliike number 166, took care of the music for the night.


Likiliikuttaja Of The Year

Likiliike no. 30: Beauty- and Grooming Salon Sanna’s Style, Sanna Koivuranta

Prize: Print to video –production + article video visibility 15,000 showings, worth 500€ + VAT

Likiteko Of The Year

Likiliike no. 133: Mervi Kontio, Kukkakauppa Helmi and

Likiliike no. 136: Satu Antinkaapo, Kotileipomo Antinkaapo

Prize: Activity bracelets, donated by Pohjolan Osuuspankki

Likiliike Social Media Person Of The Year

Likiliike no 4: Choco Deli and Jouko Rajanen

Prize: Print to video –production + article video visibility 15,000 showings, 500€ + VAT

Liki-Volunteer Of The Year

Likiliike no 42: Petri Teppo, Studio Artica

Prize: Activity bracelet, donated by Pohjolan Osuuspankki

Likiliike Newcomer Of The Year

Likiliike no 165: Lapin Laatukodit LKV, Raija, Hemmo and Milla Lehtisalo

Prize: Print to video –production + article video visibility 15,000 showings, 500€ + VAT



Pasi Hiukka, Likiliike Project Manager
Ph. 040 717 1988