What is Likiliike?

Likiliike – The love for Rovaniemi


Because we love Rovaniemi and want to develop the local entrepreneurship, we created the Likiliike –movement.

Likiliike is a registered, certified service label.
Likiliike is a sign that speaks for the locality of the business. Likiliike is a sign that signifies ”Made in Rovaniemi,” Finnish quality, competent local service, and Lappish team spirit. The sign guarantees, that the business always has an ownership base in Rovaniemi.

Likiliike-logo-RovaniemiLikiliike-sign speaks of a community of local entrepreneurs and active participants who keep the Lapland area vital.

Likiliike is a movement that loves locality. It is a symbol of the entrepreneur organization, reaching its hand out to help enrich the city life. From entrepreneurs to entrepreneurs. From entrepreneurs to consumers.
A promise of locality and local service, and of Finnish quality

The Likiliike-sign says that its bearer is local. To the consumer, the Likiliike-sign is a recommendation of a good product and of a producer of quality. By consuming local you support local entreprenurship and keep the Rovaniemi area vital.

Familiarize yourself with the Likiliike-businesses in Rovaniemi and keep Rovaniemi moving! New Likiliike-businesses are announced on the Likiliike Facebook-page.

Add Likiliike-businesses to your shopping list www.likiliike.fi.

Likiliike always helps!