Welcome to Rovaniemi!

As our guest in Rovaniemi, we hope you to find genuine, guaranteed local businesses who are happy to serve you! By following this purple logo, you are ensured to use the service of an authentic Rovaniemi entrepreneur. There are almost 250 businesses and companies, who are certified locals – so find this logo and shop local!

Find local businesses by following this logo

While travelling, are you wondering, what kind of businesses do you support while consuming goods, products and services in your destination? If you are one of those aware consumers, who really wants to put some thought in your decisions while spending holiday euros, keep on reading, this is for you!

City center of Rovaniemi – The Lordi square

We are so glad you are visiting Rovaniemi! While staying, you can make a difference by shopping locally. Look for the purple, round ”Likiliike” sign and find genuinely local companies and businesses. You can share your experience in social media with the hashtag #shoplocal and #likiliike.

In Rovaniemi we truly appreciate the local entrepreneurs, who strive their businesses with a warm heart and a big smile. We want to cherish the locality of products and services, and make it easier for consumers to find true authenticity. In Rovaniemi we have established a logo sign, which brings great value not only for local businessowners, but everyone visiting our various shops, stores and servicefacilities.

The Likiliike logo is a one-of-a-kind symbol to spot where to shop and spend responsibly. We have hotels, restaurants, cafés, bars, fashion, beauty, convenience stores and groceries, pharmacies, gift shops, sights and attractions, activities and sports, consulting, marketing, b-2-b -businesses – you name it, you can find a local easily!

This logo in shop windows and walls guarantees, that you are visiting a certified local business in Rovaniemi.

By using ”Likiliike” -logo marked businesses you ensure, that the good and valuable benefits of tourism and travelling really affect the locals in a positive way. This helps the locals to keep their businesses and provide for their families. By shopping local, you are our guest and we are happy serve you good quality products with a true Rovaniemi twist. This is also your opportunity to meet locals and have a nice talk about the local life in Rovaniemi.

Make a difference – choose local!